We undertake fabrication works of all kinds of MS structures for our clients with their specification. We are the leading structural fabricators related to any industrial set-up since the last forty years now. Our services include activities related to the following:

Erection of Structure
All Heavy Structural Fabrication
Structure Steel Fabrication
MS Fabrication
Shade and Cement Sheet Fittings
Industrial Civil Construction

Conventional Steel Structures
At,Roofing house we offer high quality steel structures for industrial and commercial buildings. These structures can be fabricated with mild steel tubes or structural steel members or combination of both M.S.Tubes and structural steel. To suit customer's unique requirements these structures are offered in various types such as tied type, portal, saw tooth, lean to, etc.

Saw tooth Structures
Single and multi span saw tooth structures with various spans are possible.Multi span saw tooth structure with lattice girders to eliminate interior columns and special design of Multi span saw tooth structures to carry crane girders, monorail etc., are also possible.

Tied Type and Portal Type Structures
Tied type and portal type structures with various spans and heights are offered. For these types of structures the trusses can be mounted on steel columns or R.C.C columns. Structures with Jack roof, Monitor roof and Semi — north light frames are also possible.

Roof Sheet
Aluminum Zinc Alloy coated steel sheets are being used extensively for roofing and cladding. The Al-Zn alloy coating offers remarkable resistance to corrosion. These light weight, high strength, cost - effective sheets also impart an aesthetic appearance. Coated steel sheets, when combined with insulation, offers an energy efficient roofing system.

Pre Painted Al-Zn alloy coated steel sheet (Galvalume Base) (55%Aluminium, 43.4%Zinc, 1.6%Silicon).

Bare Galvalume (Non - Colour) Sheet
Al-Zn alloy coated steel sheet (55%Aluminium, 43.4%Zinc,1.6%Silicon).

Pre-painted galvanized sheet (G.I Base).

Standard Accessories
Roofing house provides a wide range of standards accessories (flashings, ridges, gutter).

Pre-engineered Building (PEB)
Pre-engineered steel buildings can be provided in a large variety of configurations depending upon building dimensions and requirements.Pre-engineered steel building consists of the primary frames, secondary framing systems, metal roofing / wall cladding, structural sub systems (Canopy, Fascia, etc.).

Primary Frames
Primary frames are the rigid frames of the building. These frames are normally tapered and often have flange and web of variable thickness along the individual members.The most common primary framing systems which are symmetrical about the ridge line are shown. Asymmetrical framing systems and multi span framing systems with unequal width modules are also possible.

Secondary Frames
Secondary framing refers to purlins, girts, eave struts, bracing and other miscellaneous structural parts. These include typical ‘Z’ section and typical ‘C’ section.